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Solar-Motion Bluetooth Hands Free Carkit

$59.00 AUD

This Bluetooth Car Kit draws all the energy it requires from the sun.  No batteries to change, no need to ever plug in a charger.
Free2Talk is an Australian company that offers locally based support and warranty.
Fully portable, the Solar-Motion Solar Carkit is an ideal and eco-friendly hands-free Bluetooth communication solution, for both in-car and office use, which harnesses the natural power of solar energy to help it recharge on the go. With its built-in Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression systems, the Solar-Motion Solar Carkit provides impeccable full duplex sound quality in even the most noisy of environments.  
Using motion detection, the Solar-Motion will  automatically  turn on when you get into the car, and turn off when you phone phone is out of range.
The Solar-Motion Solar Carkit is capable of pairing with multiple handsets at once.

Compatible with:

  • All Handsets